17-Year-Old Girl From The US Becomes A Multi-Millionaire By Selling Lemonade

Making lemonade is probably one of the first recipes we learned growing up, right? Squeeze lemon juice in a glass, pour water, add sugar and mix well, voila! One of the easiest drinks to make, as children we probably even had lemonade stands for fun. One kid took this opportunity seriously and ended up becoming a multi-millionaire tycoon by selling lemonade! Mikaila Ulmer is a 17-year-old from Texas, the USA, who started her lemonade business at the age of 4! And now, her business has expanded from just a lemonade stand to her products being sold in restaurants and grocery stores all across the United States Of America.

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mikaila ulmer

Inspired by her grandmother’s recipe book, she made her lemonade using flaxseeds and honey from local beekeepers instead of sugar. She started by setting up a lemonade stand in front of her house and she would sell her lemonade to passersby. Once her venture started growing, she even came on the business reality television show Shark Tank asking for financial investment to support her lemonade business ‘Me And The Bees’ and she received a $60,000 investment.

With the catchphrase “Buy a bottle, save the bees!”, Mikaila has donated 10% of the profits to charities that save bees ever since she started her venture. Now, she has released different flavours of her lemonades, infusing spices like ginger, mint, black cherry and pear. Her multi-million business led her to meet ex-president Barack Obama as well. That’s not all, she even has published a book telling the story of her journey as a young entrepreneur. Who could have thought that a glass of homemade lemonade could lead to such amazing things!

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17-Year-Old Girl From The US Becomes A Multi-Millionaire By Selling Lemonade

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