5 Best Momo Places In Kolkata Recommends

Momo needs to separate the introduction. It is possibly one of the most popular foods in India, available at every nook and corner. Soft dough with minced meat or veg filling inside, momo defines delicacy. But did you know, this delicious dish doesn’t have its roots in India. The momo comes from the word ‘mome’ which means steamed. As per food historians, the history of momo dates back to the 14th century in Nepal. It was initially a Newari food from the Kathmandu valley. It then travelled to Tibet, China and several other countries when a Nepalese princess married a Tibetian king in the late 15th century. In India, momo came into existence during the 1960s, when Tibetians entered India and set up their colonies. Some other theorists say it was the Newari merchants of Kathmandu who brought momo to India during their business dealings with the country.

Whatever the history is, today momo plays an indispensable role in defining the food culture of the country and we love making the most of it. You will also find fried, pan-fried and even gravy versions of the classic momo. Considering this, we bring you some of our favourite places in Kolkata, offering momos that melt in your mouth in just no time. Take a look.

Here’re 5 Best Momo Places In Kolkata:

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen:

If you have explored the food scene in Delhi, then you surely have come across Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen. Now, you get to enjoy the delicacies of Yeti in Kolkata too. Located in the heart of Kolkata – Park Street – Yeti wins hearts with its warm lights, Tibetian prayer flags and soothing interior. At Yeti, you get Nepali, Tibetian and Bhutanese delicacies, but what makes us fall for the place time and again is its momos. They probably make the most perfect momos you can think of. Soft outer layer with juicy filling – you get momos here in different varieties. You also get some unusual momo variants here including jhol momo, momo cha and others. And once you are there, we suggest try their pork thakali thali too. It’s simple, flavourful and wholesome to the fullest.

Blue Poppy – Thakali:

Blue Poppy – Thakali is credited to be the first Nepalese eatery in town. Owned by one of India’s top 30 chefs (as per Culinary Culture’s 2022 list) Doma Wang (popularly referred to as Doma Di), this place is ruling the city for over 30 years now. In fact, foodies in town state that when it comes to momos, no one can make it like Doma Di. We suggest, trying their mutton momos and deciding for yourself. Besides momos, the place also served traditional veg and non-veg thalis, la phing, sel roti, aloo thukpa and the classic Tibetian butter tea.

The Gangtok Kitchen:

The name of this restaurant speaks for it well. Specialised in Nepali, Tibetian and other Himalayan cuisines, this place transcends you to the hills with its authentic delicacies and their flavours. Besides some delicious melt-in-mouth momos, this place also offers a good share of baos, dimsums and some desi Chinese dishes too. But we suggest, besides the momos, do try out their delicious la phing.

The Sekuwa Ghar:

This tiny kiosk in Kolkata’s New Town area offers some of the best Himalayan delicacies in town. From jhol momo to thukpa and hearty Wai Wai recipes, you get it all here. Besides, the outside sitting arrangement and friendly budget make it a great place to hang out with friends and family.


Photo Credit: The Sekuwa Ghar Instagram page

Momo I Am:

We recently came across another such Kolkata-based momo chain named Momo I Am. Located in different places in Kolkata and nearby cities, Momo I Am offers delicious and hearty momos and bowl of soup alongside. You must also try their slow-cooked pork baos and chilli pork – these dishes are uncomplicated and taste oh-so-comforting.

We suggest, on your next food trail in Kolkata, try these momo joints and experience a burst of flavours on your palate. Do let us know what is your favourite momo joint in town.

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5 Best Momo Places In Kolkata Recommends

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