5 Tempting Street-Style Chaap Recipes You Must Try If You Are A True Chaap Fan

Indian street food is filled with a plethora of options to choose from. Be it the famous paani puri, aloo tikki, momos or our all-time favourite soya chaap! Yes, you read it right! If you are just like us, you’re at the right place! Soya chaap is a popular street-food and is a kind of vegetarian meat that resembles the texture of chicken but is actually made of soya beans. What makes it even more interesting is that it can be consumed in numerous ways. You can relish the dish in different flavours such as spicy, crunchy, creamy or even savour it with a combination of Indian flatbread like garlic naan or tandoori roti with some chaap curry. However, it is not easy to find soya chaap everywhere.

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Do you find yourself looking for options that are more innovative, street-style and easier to make? Here we bring you a list of 5 tempting street-style chaap recipes that can be easily made at home and are sure to satisfy your oh so chaap cravings! Let’s get started.

Here Are 5 Street-Style Chaap Recipes To Try:

1. Kolkata-Style Chicken Chaap

This street-style chaap recipe is the most flavourful as the chicken is marinated and slow-cooked overnight for the chicken to take in all the flavours. It is then cooked in a rich and luscious onion, ginger-garlic, cashews and poppy seeds gravy. Click here for the recipe.

chicken chaap

2. Tandoori Chaap

A delicious alternative to the tandoori chicken tikka, this versatile dish can be served as a starter. It is made with soya pieces marinated in a blend of rich and flavourful spices, cream and butter. Find the recipe here. 


3. Soya Chaap Roll

If you love flatbread along with your soya, then this recipe is just for you! Just wrap your creamy or spicy soya chaap inside a roomali roti, paratha or tandoori roti and savour it with some green chutney and onions. Find the recipe here. 


4. Chatpati Chaap Roll

We all love something chatpata and different and this chaap roll will want you asking for more! It is stuffed with a juicy filling of tandoori soya chaap, veggies and a tangy play of spices. Click here for the recipe.

5. Chilli Chaap

Chilli soya chaap is prepared in a unique blend of Chinese and Indian sauces. As the name suggests, it is spicy and offers a unique taste. It can be sauteed with onions and capsicum’s, and served with green chutney. Find the recipe here. 

Try these innovative street-style chaap recipes if you are a true chaap fan and let us know how you liked them in the comments sections below.

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5 Tempting Street-Style Chaap Recipes You Must Try If You Are A True Chaap Fan

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