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Cookie Recipes for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and cookie exchanges are in full swing! If you want a show stopper cookie but don’t have all those fancy decorating skills, these easy Christmas cookies are just perfect for you.

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Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit quite like baking easy Christmas cookies (and making a mess in the kitchen with sugar, flour, and *all* the sprinkles). Thankfully, you don’t have to be a trained pastry chef to create the best holiday cookies for Santa. Christmas cookie decorating doesn’t necessarily mean sitting down with fancy candy topping and buckets of royal icing. It could be as simple as throwing together some easy Christmas cookie recipes with few ingredients or hacking cake mix to make the dough. Now that you have the confidence to get started, check out these Christmas recipes and get to baking!

Let’s dive into the entire list of Christmas Cookies, with a few treats that aren’t necessarily cookies but sure are good.

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75 Christmas Cookie Recipes – Danny’s Delight

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