8 Precautions To Be Taken While Baking – Suggested By A Chef

There is nothing that can be more satisfying than giving yourself a treat of a nice dessert. Be it some soft cookies or a freshly baked brownie, baking is not just therapeutic but also extremely delicious. Baking is a super fun way of relaxing while satiating your cravings. But to get the best bake, there are certain things to keep in mind. You surely will not want a half-baked cake or a brownie after all your effort? So, here are some essential precautions that you must take while baking.

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1. Fresh ingredients are a must when you are baking. Baking powder and baking soda must be fresh. Check the products before buying them and also make sure to check the dates on the packaging before you put them in your mixture.

2. Baking is mostly about using the correct measurements. If you make mistakes in your measurements, your batter can get too thick or too watery and the taste will definitely be different than what you expected. So get your measuring spoons right and measure the ingredients in their correct proportion.

3. Ingredients play the most important role in your baking as they will determine the texture and taste of your baking. Always make sure to use room temperature ingredients. Avoid mixing anything too cold like cold milk or too hot like hot water into your batter. Use them at normal room temperature for better emulsion.


4. To get a smooth texture for your cake or brownie, you have to constantly sift your ingredients. Sifting will ensure that there are no lumps in the batter. Also, it makes the batter light which in turn will result in a soft and fluffy cake.

5. After you are done with the mixing, you will be pouring the mixture onto the pans. Avoid overfilling the cake pans, as they can overflow, and your oven floor will be smothered with your batter. This is a complete waste of your ingredients. Keep in mind to fill the pan only two-thirds or three-quarters and never fill it to the brim.

6. When it is time to mix your cake batter, never over-mix it. Over mixing leads your dough to get mixed with air. When the batter is aerated, the cake tends to become chewy. Keep mixing till all the lumps are gone, but do not over-mix.

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7. Under-baking your cookies, cakes and brownies are a safer option than over-baking them. Even with under-baking, you will get the desired moist crumb. After you are done with the baking process, keep your batter inside the oven and let the residual heat bake the cake.

8. To get the perfect bake, your oven temperature must be set at the correct temperature. Use an oven thermometer to calibrate the temperature correctly. If the oven is too hot, or below the ideal temperature, your bake can ruin. So, keep an oven thermometer handy whenever you are baking.

Now that you are equipped with all the safety precautions, pick out your favourite recipe and start with the process. Happy baking!

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8 Precautions To Be Taken While Baking – Suggested By A Chef

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