9 Space-Saving Dish Racks That Kitchn Editors Love

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Everyone has a least-favorite chore, right? Maybe you can’t stand hauling clothes down to the basement on laundry day, or maybe cleaning the bathroom you share with your roommates gives you hives. For me, that dreaded chore is — and has always been — dishes. I’m not sure if it has something to do with living in New York City for over a decade without a dishwasher, but I will let those babies pile higher than the Empire State Building before you convince me the dishes actually need to be done. Did I fall in love with my now-husband because he used to be a dishwasher in high school and didn’t mind the task? I’m not saying yes… but I’m not saying no, either.

One of the many reasons I dread scrubbing dishes is just how chaotic the task feels. Suddenly there’s water everywhere, you’re trying to remember which glasses you’ve already washed, and you’re perilously stacking clean plates atop each other in the hopes that they dry before you need to use them again. Enter: these nine top-notch dish racks that Kitchn editors love for solving exactly these types of problems. Over the years, our team has vetted the best of the best when it comes to all sorts of kitchen gear, countertop drying racks included. While these picks range in perks, price points, and functionality, they’re all sure to make one of the least-favorite kitchen chores just a bit more bearable.

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9 Space-Saving Dish Racks That Kitchn Editors Love

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