Anupam Kher Teases His Fans With Some Lip-Smacking Chinese Food (Pics Inside)

When our taste buds need a break from the usual ghar ka khana, the heart definitely calls for some tangy and spicy Chinese food. From scrumptious Manchurian balls dunked in hot gravy to spring rolls and noodles, Chinese cuisine has a lot to offer. The delicious dishes have transcended boundaries and today many, across the globe, enjoy this cuisine. Talking of Chinese food, actor Anupam Kher seems to have recently relished some. And, he hasn’t missed a chance to tease his fans with some glimpses of his dinner spread. Anupam Kher shared an Instagram Stories featuring a bowl of saucy manchurian balls, some fried rice, and bread for the sides. Halfway into his dinner, the actor made sure to give some closeups of the lip-smacking food, enough to trigger our Chinese food cravings.


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So, today we bring you some delectable Chinese dish recipes you can prepare with ease at home.

1.Gobhi Manchurian

Authentic Chinese dishes are undoubtedly fantastic, but some desi twist to them just enhances the taste manifold. Gobhi Manchurian is something that will give you a blend of Chinese cuisine and Indian flavours. Cauliflower florets are gently coated with a simple batter before being fried and dipped into a spicy sauce. 

2.Paneer Fried Rice

With minimal ingredients and a simple cooking process, this dish can be on your next dinner menu. The rice is spiced up with a host of masalas and sauces while small cubes of paneer are fried and tossed into it. Some veggies are also thrown to add to the taste. 

3.Chilli Baby Corn Recipe

No one says no to some baby corns regardless of how they are prepared. In this recipe, baby corns are cut in half, coated in a batter, and fried to give it crunchiness. They are then added to a flavourful sauce with a number of vegetables and spices. 

4.Veg Hakka Noodles

Nothing can beat a plate full of classic Hakka noodles. This noodle recipe is quick, and simple, and wouldn’t require many ingredients either. 

5.Vegetable Manchow Soup

This Chinese soup offers a truckload of flavours that can slake all your cravings for something spicy and saucy. Besides the spices, it has some stir-fried vegetables that offer crunchiness and add to the overall taste of the soup. 

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Anupam Kher Teases His Fans With Some Lip-Smacking Chinese Food (Pics Inside)

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