Arjun Kapoor Can’t Help But Talk About Katrina Kaif While Enjoying This Mango Dish

Arjun Kapoor has fallen in love with mangoes and that was only inevitable. After all, who can resist the sweet taste of this summer fruit? While the Bollywood actor is busy relishing a bowl of a mango-based dessert, he can’t help but talk about another Bollywood celebrity. Arjun Kapoor’s mango diaries include Katrina Kaif. And, fans are amazed for sure. Arjun Kapoor posted a photo of a mango pudding bowl prepared by his chef Akshay Arora. The pudding seemed to be garnished with shredded coconut and crushed almonds too. 

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But how does Katrina Kaif come into the picture? Arjun Kapoor tagged her in the caption. He wrote, “When Katrina Kaif doesn’t send you the yearly dose of mangoes you still have to manage and find a way to enjoy some mango pudding through Akshay Arora.” The reference does make us wonder whether or not the actor is referring to Katrina’s link to a mango beverage brand.


Arjun Kapoor’s post has amused us with its Katrina Kaif connection. At the same time, it has sent us drooling with the bowl of mango dessert. If you are craving mango delicacies this season, you can easily whip up something. With the help of easy recipes, you can make delectable mango desserts and drinks. Here’s a list:

1.Kesar Mango Lassi

Summer is the best time to enjoy a sip of chilled lassi. Imagine this drink with the flavours of mango in it. Won’t that be amazing? Mango pulp, curd, milk, saffron and cardamom powder spell their magic through this recipe

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2. Mango Phirni

Phirni is a traditional dessert that is relished in many households during the hot months. In order to make this dish, you will need rice, full-fat milk, mango pulp, sugar, cardamom powder and a pinch of saffron.

3. Mango Jamun Phirni

If you want to add a blend of flavours and textures to phirni, you can choose to add gulab jamun to your bowl of mango phirni. Garnish it with pista.

4. Mango Suji Cake

Most of us have relished suji halwa. But have you ever tried suji cake? Enjoy this experimental mango dessert this season. You’ll need semolina, mango pulp, oil, baking powder, salt and pistachio to garnish.

5. Mango Yoghurt Parfait

Add the goodness of muesli and yoghurt to the unparalleled taste of mango pulp. Green cardamom powder, saffron, basil and mint sprigs simply add a different dimension to the dish.

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Arjun Kapoor Can’t Help But Talk About Katrina Kaif While Enjoying This Mango Dish

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