Bhel Puri Made By A Contestant Blows Away International Reality Show Judges

The fact that Indian cuisine is mouth-watering has been proven time and time again. No matter where a person is from, they will definitely enjoy the flavours of India. Now, a contestant on a popular cooking reality show whipped up one of India’s famous street foods, bhel puri, during a 10-minute pressure challenge. And it left the judges highly impressed. Sarah Todd, an Australian celebrity chef, model, restaurateur, and cookbook author explained her thought process behind making bhel puri on Instagram. She began her post by saying, “What is the tastiest dish you can make in 10 minutes?”

Then she went on to add that the first thing that came to her mind was Bhel Puri.

In the remainder of the caption, she wrote, “It is said that a true blue Bhel Puri must be created just before consumption to prevent the puffed rice from getting soggy. And all we have to do is let the taste takes its course. Perfect for the MasterChef 10-minute challenge, right? Zingy, tangy and slightly spicy!”

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But many people living in India chose to see the funny side after finding out the judges’ reactions. Though they know how delicious and tasty bhel puri can be, the fact is it’s such a common snack for most Indians that hearing it being described in such length and enthusiasm was a touch humorous.

One user on Twitter wrote, “Someone made Bhel Puri and the judges were like— ‘You packed such complex flavours into this and the raw onions were amazing and how did you manage to do this in 10 minutes!!!’

Another user commented, “And the bhel puri wale bhaiya will prepare it in 1 minute.”

Sharing a confusion between the Gujarati delicacy khandvi and pasta, a third user wrote, “Once they had made khandvi and were calling it pasta or something! There is a Gujju woman running a restaurant in Australia and she taught them how. Her “pasta” is very famous and her restaurant is always booked”

Another hilarious comment read, “So, basically, we are having a MasterChef level dish every evening at just Rs. 20.”

Stressing on the need to appreciate Indian food more, a user wrote, “Bhel Puri is an amazing dish and has fab flavour. Incredible that she made it in 10 minutes. Indian cuisine is fantastic and we Indians do not appreciate it enough.”

Sarah Todd made her debut on the same show in 2014 when she had made it to the top ten. She has two restaurants in India — Antares in Goa and The Wine Rack in Mumbai.

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Bhel Puri Made By A Contestant Blows Away International Reality Show Judges

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