Can Dal Alone Fulfil The Daily Requirement Of Protein? Here’s What Expert Says

Protein plays an important role in creating and maintaining each and every cell of the body. It is a mandatory requirement for growth and development in children, pregnant women and teens. The human body requires protein to repair the cells and make new ones. But do you know how much protein to consume on a daily basis? There’s a common notion about dal or lentils containing a lot of protein. Many people also feel that dal alone can fulfill their daily protein requirements. However, that’s not true. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal explains that only dal cannot make up for the body’s daily protein requirement.

In an Instagram post, Nmami Agarwal says though dal is a good source of protein, it’s an incomplete protein. To make it a complete source of protein, it needs to be paired with roti or rice.

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Nmami adds that a human’s daily requirement of protein is anywhere between 45-65gms/day. To fulfill the daily requirement, a person needs to have four to five bowls of dal in a single meal. One bowl provides about two to three grams of protein.

So, it’s important to add more protein-rich foods in your diet, such as soya, nuts, seeds, chickpea, says Nmami.

Here’s Nmami Agarwal’s post:

Nmami Agarwal often busts health and food-related myths. Once she explained why people must have egg yolk and highlighted its health benefits. Many people avoid eating egg yolks. It is customary for those who are attempting to reduce weight to throw away the yolk whenever they eat eggs. This tradition stems from the belief that egg yolks are heavy in cholesterol and can harm your health if consumed in large quantities. However, Nmami claimed that egg yolks weren’t bad. In an Instagram post, she said that whole eggs or eggs with avocado, in particular, were one of the greatest snacking options. It was a healthy way to start the day and one of those foods that taste as good as it is good for you.

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Can Dal Alone Fulfil The Daily Requirement Of Protein? Here’s What Expert Says

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