Criolla “Shrimp and Grits” Is My Take on the Lowcountry Classic

Reina Gascon-Lopez


In 2017, Reina Gascon-Lopez started The Sofrito Project to share her love of cooking with friends and family. As a Puerto Rican raised in the South, Reina explores both her multiracial background and cultures through food and writing. Cooking elevated homestyle and comfort foods, Reina’s recipes are good enough to make her grandmother proud and fancy enough to serve to company. Bridging the cultures of her Afro-Caribbean, Latin, and Southern upbringing allows for creativity in the kitchen with her flavorful and delicious recipes and digital cookbooks that her readers enjoy.

Reina currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina. When she’s not busy cooking in the kitchen, she enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, gardening, collecting cookbooks, and scouring the internet for fan theories about her favorite movies and TV shows.

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Criolla “Shrimp and Grits” Is My Take on the Lowcountry Classic

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