Does Your Father Like Chicken? Try Out These 5 Yummy And Easy Chicken Curries For Him On Father’s Day

So, what are your plans for Father’s Day today? Are you still deciding on a gift for your father? Well, if he is a foodie, the best you can do is treat him to some delectable food cooked by you. Agree? Your dad will be the happiest to know that you have prepared a delicious meal, especially for him today. If he loves chicken and prefers having it any time in the week, just choose a perfect chicken curry for him. Accompany your Father’s Day celebration with amazing food and pamper him. Don’t get worked up thinking about the whole process of cooking. These are some easy-to-cook recipes that will be ready in a short time. 

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1. Quick chicken curry

As the name suggests, this quick chicken curry will help you fix a meal in less time. Even if you a working Sunday, just come back home in the evening and cook this up in a jiffy for your dearest daddy. This quick and delicious Indian curry carries a perfect blend of spices. Try it out.  

2. Jeera chicken

Ever heard of jeera chicken? Yes, it’s flavourful and truly appetising. All you have to do is spend about thirty minutes in the kitchen and you should be able to come up with wonderful chicken curry. Jeera chicken features the goodness of spices like cinnamon, coriander, fennel, black peppercorn, cardamom, cloves and cumin of course. Make it and relish it with roti or steaming hot parathas.  

3. Sri Lankan chicken curry

If you are open to other cuisines and like to experiment with food, we suggest going for something like this. The cooking style of this yummy chicken curry is taken from the drool-worthy Sri Lanka cuisine. Remember that you need coconut oil, spices, chicken and some coconut milk to prepare this.  

4. Spicy chicken curry

Many people like their food to be spicy and rich. If your family also prefers spicy food, do not miss out on this special spicy chicken curry. This easy-to-cook recipe is surely going to be the highlight of your meal plan. Just make it quickly and serve hot garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

5. Chicken butter masala

Who doesn’t like to dig in a creamy chicken curry brimming with spices? A buttery chicken cooked in a tempting gravy made with tomatoes is a sheer delight. Its irresistible aroma has the ability to leave you drooling. Chicken butter masala can be best paired with roti, naan, parathas or even rice if you like it.   

Enjoy the day with your father and treat him to these delicious curries.

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Does Your Father Like Chicken? Try Out These 5 Yummy And Easy Chicken Curries For Him On Father’s Day

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