Fastest Time To Wrap Potato Chips: UK Man Sets Guinness World Record

French fries- popularly known as potato chips in the UK- are one of the most popular snacking options around the world. Relishing your favourite burger or sandwich without a handful of these crispy delights just makes the meal seem incomplete. Due to its immense popularity, long queues of people are often found waiting at famous burger joints – just to grab on to these munchies as quickly as possible. Who wants to wait, right? Recently, a UK man and restaurant owner, named Zohaib Hussain, broke a Guinness World Record for wrapping five portions of chips in just 40.13 seconds. 

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The previous record for this attempt was 44.43 seconds, set by Stephanie Celik in 2018. Zohaib completed the task in 40.13 seconds. The Guinness World Record has shared a video of his attempt on Instagram. “Fastest time to wrap five portions of chips- 40.13 secs by Zohaib Hussain,” the caption read. Take a look: 

In the video, we can see Zohaib scooping out five portions of chips and then adding salt and vinegar to each. He then wraps all of them in quick succession, before a stopwatch is shown to the camera, declaring it a world record. Interestingly, Zohaib accomplished this on the day of National Fish and Chip Day 2022. 

Having over 20 years of experience wrapping chips, he has enjoyed many successes, including the Potato Council’s Perfect Portion 2009 as well as the Young Fish Frier of the Year Award at the National Fish and Chip Awards 2012. Zohaib has also met Prince Charles as part of his work for the National Federation of Fish Friers in Wales. 

And now, he has added another feather in his cap – a Guinness World Records title.  

What do you think his next record would be? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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Fastest Time To Wrap Potato Chips: UK Man Sets Guinness World Record

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