Father’s Day 2022: Amul Celebrates The Day With A Topical Dedicated To Fathers

It’s Father’s Day. And, we hope you have a plan ready to make the day a special one for your real-life superhero. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. And, to mark the day, Amul has come up with a special topical dedicated to fathers. The topical is sure to make you nostalgic. The post featured the Amul girl being held in an upright position by a man. The little girl could be seen smiling away as the father holds her in his arms. The topical is ought to take you on a nostalgic trip. The text read, “Aaj daddy ko maska lagana!” The topical also mentioned, “Amul making toasts go pop”

The caption stated, “Amul Topical: Happy Father’s Day.”    

Social media users were quick enough to drop their reactions in the comment space. A person wrote, “Dad ko maska to har waqt lagate hai unki “so called Princess.“”

Another called it “amazing”. Some of them have simply left a bunch of emojis under the picture. 

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Take a look:

Amul has also shared a video message to celebrate Father’s Day. It opens with a little girl finishing a glass of milk. She, with a milk moustache, looks straight into the camera and the text reads, “Attitude is being a daddy’s girl.” For the side note, the dairy brand wrote, “To the man who taught us the meaning of integrity. To the man who inspired us to take right turns when the world chose to go with the flow. To the ones who made our spine unbreakable, courage indomitable and every bone muscle and resolve unshakable. To our first superhero. Our first Captain. Amul Taaza wishes everyone a Happy Father’s Day.”

Have an amazing day ahead.

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Father’s Day 2022: Amul Celebrates The Day With A Topical Dedicated To Fathers

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