Fly By Jing Just Launched a Zingy Limited-Edition Seasoning That Hot Pepper Fans Will Love

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Now, Fly By Jing has announced yet another exciting collaboration. They’ve teamed up with cult-favorite artisanal salt company Jacobsen Salt Co. to create the limited-edition Tingly Sichuan Salt. It’s the perfect fiery seasoning for just about anything, from sprinkling it on popcorn or using it as a rub to coating the rim of a cocktail. Get creative in this kitchen with this fun seasoning that will instantly fire up your taste buds!

When it comes to bringing flavor to our tables, Fly By Jing doesn’t hold back. There’s their spicy-sweet Zhong Sauce (a personal favorite), which is ideal for drizzling on dumplings, noodles, veggies, and honestly just about anything you’d like. Then there’s the Mala Spice Mix, a dry spice blend that features 11 potent herbs and spices including Sichuan pepper. And of course, there’s the popular Sichuan Chili Crisp, which is the only 100-percent all-natural Sichuan chili sauce, made right in Chengdu. It’s spicy, crispy, savory, and tingly for an exciting pop of flavor with every bite.

Now, you can awaken your taste buds with this new Tingly Sichuan Salt. It features 54 hertz of hand-picked Tribute pepper for the tingly sensation you love, combined with Jacobsen Salt Co.’s pure Kosher sea salt that’s harvested directly from Netarts Bay on the Oregon coast. You can use it just as you would any sea salt — as a finishing touch, part of a delicious dry rub, or on the rim of a spicy margarita. It’s a simple way to instantly light up any meal, snack, or drink.

Because this Fly By Jing salt is a limited-edition run, we’re confident you’ll want to get your hands on it fast. If we learned anything from their collab with Fishwife, it’s that Fly By Jing fans don’t wait around. Treat yourself and your spice collection to this awesome Tingly Sichuan Salt and add some tingly heat to your next bite.

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Fly By Jing Just Launched a Zingy Limited-Edition Seasoning That Hot Pepper Fans Will Love

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