For Tara Sutaria, One Pie Isn’t Enough And We Can Totally Relate

Being a foodie, what do you prefer when you really like the taste of a particular dish? Maybe keep eating it until it satiates you to the fullest. Isn’t it? Well, you are not alone in doing this. Tara Sutaria also believes in eating to her heart’s content. Don’t believe us? Her latest food adventure will certainly convince you. She binged on a sumptuous baked dish and her indulgence was completely relatable. Her Instagram Stories, first, featured a delicious custard and caramel pie. However, it was her caption that brought a smile to our faces. She stated, “Custard and caramel pie… Just one isn’t enough.”

So, Tara ordered more. And the next Stories instantly showed four decadent pies.

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She wrote, “So, I ordered four.” She also attached a sticker of pie and hearts.

Take a look:


Tara Sutaria is known for her toned physique but she has her cheat days too. She once shared a picture of what looked like her cheat meal. She dropped a picture of lip-smacking sandwiches and fries on her Stories. It felt like the sandwich was stuffed with crisp bacon. She just defined her happiness with these words, “Dolce far niente,” which translates to pleasant idleness.

Tara Sutaria once satiated her hunger pangs with a yummy dish. It was runny fried eggs and a ham sandwich. We could see a delicious egg garnished with black pepper, with a ham sandwich. Addressing her Parsi roots, she stated, “Nothing in the world like comfort food!” The actress also mentioned the dish and wrote, “Runny fried eggs and a ham sandwich. This is every good Parsi’s go-to midnight snack/breakfast lol.”

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It’s just so delightful to see Tara Sutaria binging on a variety of dishes every now and then. She is a fan of seafood as well. The actress devoured a drool-worthy dish of crab. Looking at the picture, we could say that it was cooked in a thick gravy rich in spices and flavours. What she wrote for the caption made us hungry. She stated, “A lovely butter garlic crab just for me.” There was a drink as well kept on the side. She also wrote, “IYKYK” meaning “If you know you know.”

We appreciate Tara Sutaria’s unabashed love for all things yummy.

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For Tara Sutaria, One Pie Isn’t Enough And We Can Totally Relate

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