Garam Masala, Sabzi Masala And More: 5 Must-Have Spice Mix For Daily Cooking

Cooking is an art and there’s no denying to it. From the ingredients used to the utensil and even the flame (of gas stove) – every factor plays a major role in getting the desired final product. This is why you will find same food tasting different when cooked by different people. Right? Another factor that plays a major role is spice. In India, we just can’t think of a dish without some masala in it. In fact, it is the spices that make every dish unique. For instance, dal needs hing and jeera for the right aroma, whereas, a chicken curry needs garam masala for that extra zing. But working with a pool of masalas can be overwhelming at times. Agreed? This is why, we bring you an easy solution that will make cooking fuss-free for you.

Here, we have handpicked a few essential spice mix that are used on a daily basis. We suggest, always keep these masalas in store for whenever you need them. Just remember, these masalas should be kept separately, in airtight containers for a longer shelf life. And the best part is, you can prepare each of these masalas at home. Take a look.

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Here Are 5 Must-Have Spice Mix For Every Day Cooking:

Garam Masala:

Rightly referred to as the heart of every Indian dish, garam masala is extremely aromatic and multi-purpose in nature. From chicken curry to palak sabzi, rajma, chole and more – we use a pinch of garam masala in almost every dish we can think of. This is why having it at home is of utmost importance. All you need are a few basic ingredients like clove, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin etc to make this delicious spice mix. Click here for the recipe.

Sabzi Masala:

Another masala mix we highly recommend is sabzi masala. Having this spice mix handy not only eliminates the fuss of using extensive ingredients, but also saves the time we spend in kitchen. You can use the masala in sabji, dal or any other kind of preparation. Made with some of the most basic Indian spices, this masala helps spruce up our meal instantly. Click here for the recipe. 

Chai Masala:

An Indian kitchen is complete without a dedicated container for chai leaves. Right? Chai patti, boiled with milk, sugar and some spices – a strong cup of masala chai help us unwind anytime of the day. This is why we bring a chai masala recipe that you can make and keep in store. Click here for the recipe.

Sandwich Masala:

This masala mix will help up your breakfast game instantly. Sprinkle it on your sandwich and see what difference it brings to your everyday meal. Sanndwich masala is a melange of different roasted and ground spices that come together to produce a distinct flavour that goes perfectly with any kind of sandwich you make. Click here for the recipe.

Homemade Peri Peri Masala:

We often host parties at home; right? This means, we also make different delicious starters at home. Having a peri peri masala handy can easily amp up the taste of the appetisers you make. Considering this, we bring a peri peri masala recipe that can easily be made at home. Take a look.

Now that you have the recipes handy, prepare these masalas and store them on your spice rack.

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Garam Masala, Sabzi Masala And More: 5 Must-Have Spice Mix For Daily Cooking

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