How To Make Iranian Berry Pulao – A Must-Try Dish At The Parsi Cafes In Mumbai

We just love how versatile Indian cuisine is. It is an amalgamation of various regional cuisines, each of which is as rich and extensive as the country’s culture. What we enjoy the most is how different one cuisine is from the other. Take North Indian and South Indian cuisines for instance. While North Indian food culture is dominated by the use of butter and cream, a South Indian dish is lighter and tangier, thanks to the use of tamarind and kokum. Then we have some cuisines which have a foreign origin but got Indianised over the years with the use of local herbs and spices. One amazing instance of the same is the Parsi cuisine. Parsi cuisine is basically a beautiful blend of Iranian food culture, Maharashtrian flavours and British influences.

As per food historians, Parsi food culture has developed in India since the 17th century, when the Parsis came to India from Persia and settled here. They majorly settled in the Western part of the country, which is why you will find the community majorly in Maharashtra (specifically in Mumbai) and adjacent regions. Today they hold such an indispensable position in Indian food culture that a trip to Mumbai seems incomplete without trying the delicious dishes at the Irani cafés.

Today we bring you one such dish from the kitchens of the Irani cafes that has etched a mark on us with the amazing flavours. It’s the berry pulao. You heard us. The flavours of pulao, mixed with the tanginess of berries, leave a strong impression on our palate. Let’s find out how to make Iranian Berry Pulao.

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Parsi Berry Pulao Recipe | How To Make Iranian Berry Pulao:

The recipe might look extensive at first, but trust us, it is simple to make; all you need is some time and patience. First, prepare a chicken gravy with various masalas, then boil rice and assemble the two just like biryani. Finally, put the dish on dum for 10-15 minutes. Yes, do not forget to add a good amount of berries and dry fruits to the dish to make it yet richer and flavourful. And of course, serve it hot.

Click here for the detailed, step-by-step recipe of Parsi Berry Pulao.

Prepare this dish and put together a yummy meal for friends and family. For more such yummy Parsi recipes, click here.

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How To Make Iranian Berry Pulao – A Must-Try Dish At The Parsi Cafes In Mumbai

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