How To Make Mango Kheer: A Fruity Twist To Your Usual Kheer Recipe

Indians have a penchant for desserts; no meal would be complete without something sweet to finish it off. From Payasam to Shrikhand, Rasgulla to Barfi – there are so many wholesome and delightful dessert recipes to be found across the country. While we all love our traditional desserts, it’s always a great idea to give the classic recipes a new and funky twist. Kheer is one such amazing dessert that we often relish during festivities or even otherwise. A rice and milk pudding, Kheer tastes equally delicious whether it’s served chilled or comfortingly warm. This Mango Kheer recipe is here to elevate your dessert experience!

Also known as the king of fruits, mango is also used in an array of desserts. The juicy and sweet mango can amp up the flavour of any dessert, including this mango kheer. For the making of this mango kheer, all you need are a few simple ingredients that are readily available in the Indian kitchen. The ease of the preparation method will make this your go-to dessert for when you want to treat yourself to something sweet. Usually, kheer takes a lot of time to cook but this mango kheer will be ready before you know it. Let’s take a look at the full recipe for mango kheer here.

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Mango Kheer is a creamy and fruity dessert.

How To Make Mango Kheer | Easy Mango Kheer Dessert Recipe

  1. Start by bringing a cup of milk to a boil. Add coarsely ground rice to it and boil till the rice is cooked and the milk slightly thickens.
  2. Now, add sugar and cardamom powder to the kheer. Mix it well and let it cool down to room temperature.
  3. Once the kheer mixture has cooled down, add the mango puree to it. Mix well so that the flavours of mango are blended perfectly with the kheer.
  4. Your mango kheer is ready! Serve it chilled or at room temperature as per your preference. Garnish it with some chopped mango cubes and a few pistachios. Dig in!

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How To Make Mango Kheer: A Fruity Twist To Your Usual Kheer Recipe

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