How To Make Mashed Potato – 5 Tips To Keep Handy

A potato or two can do wonders on plate, agreed? From the simplest French fries to spicy aloo ki sabzi – we have countless aloo-based recipes to explore and relish. One such dish that holds a special place in our heart is mashed potato. Boiled potato, mashed and mixed with various herbs and spices, this simple dish defines comfort. You can have it as is or pair with grilled chilled, pan-seared fish, boiled veggies and more. While we agree it looks easy and comforting, but the truth is, making the perfect mashed potato is not as easy as it seems. In fact, one needs time, dedication and skill to get that exact creamy and fluffy texture of mashed potato. Fret not, as always, we have got your back.

We bring some quick and easy tips that will help you prepare mashed potato like a pro. In fact, we suggest, keep these cooking tips handy to make your work in kitchen an easy and comfortable affair. Let’s check it out.

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Here’re 5 Quick Tips To Make Mashed Potato:

1. Keep Potato Intact:

It is suggested to not cut the potato in small sizes. Instead, cut the potato into two halves and boil. Cutting it into small sizes takes away the flavour of the potatoes.

2. Always Put Potato In Cold Water:

While boiling potato, you will often find that it gets unevenly boiled. While the outer crust gets softened, the inner part remains hard and crunchy. This is why, we suggest, start by soaking the potato in cold water and then, boil in medium temperature.

3. Use Hands To Mash The Potato:

There’s nothing better than hand to mash potatoes. While we can do the same with food processor or a blender, but hands help spread the flavour and fat evenly. This further helps you achieve the perfect fluffy and creamy texture.

4. Use Heated Milk To Mash Potato:

Milk plays a major role in getting the texture of mashed potato. So, during making it, use milk that is in room temperature or hot. This helps the potato absorb the milk properly.

5. Add Adequate Butter:

Do not go stingy with butter! That’s all we can suggest. Adding good amount of butter (aka fat) enhances the flavour and texture of the already delicious potato.

Now that you have these smart tricks handy, how about making a bowl of mashed potato for your next meal? We handpicked 5 of our favourite mashed potato recipes for you to try. Click here to know more.

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How To Make Mashed Potato – 5 Tips To Keep Handy

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