Internet Raises $200,000 For Burger King Employee Who Worked For 27 Years

Fast food has become a popular dining out option for millions across the world. People are assured of quality meals at affordable rates that are prepared in a matter of minutes. However, we have often seen many fast-food chain employees complaining about the harsh working conditions at these restaurants. The employees are forced to work long hours without adequate compensation or benefits. Recently, the news of a Burger King employee, Kevin Ford, had gone viral after he completed 27 years of being in service. Internet users were divided about the measly goodie bag he received on the work milestone. Now, social media users united to raise money for him!

The Burger King employee had received a goodie bag on completing 27 years of being at work. A plastic sipper, some chocolates, mints, and a movie ticket were all that was rewarded to him for being loyal at work. While Kevin Ford himself was quite appreciative of the gesture, internet users criticised it saying he deserved better. So once Ford’s daughter set up a crowdfunding link for him, they received an outpouring of support. Take a look:

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Kevin Ford’s daughter Seryna created the link on GoFundMe on June 20. In a span of just 10 days, she has managed to raise over $2,37,232 from 7.3k donors. She explained that her father had never missed a day of work in the last 27 years at Burger King. “He originally began working at this job as a single father when he gained custody of me and my older sister 27 years ago. Then as our family grew and he remarried, he continue to work here because of the amazing health insurance,” she wrote in the description.

“My dad continues to work here because though he does look young, he is coming up on retirement age, and leaving would cost him his retirement. In no way are we asking for money or is he expecting any money but if anyone feels like blessing him he would love to visit his grandchildren,” she added.

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A number of media publications also featured Kevin Ford and his amazing work history at Burger King. Popular comedian David Spade too contributed $5,000 to his crowd fun. As for what Kevin Ford plans to do with this money, he says he wants to visit his grandchildren and also hopes to purchase a car. According to TMZ, Ford has also got real estate agents in Vegas offering to help him buy a home, with one offering to give up half the commission to seal a deal.

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Internet Raises $200,000 For Burger King Employee Who Worked For 27 Years

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