It’s Just Anushka Sharma “Dreaming” About This Food

Anushka Sharma is a flamboyant actress who has won the hearts of several Bollywood fans. Her onscreen proficiency is something that we all love. On top of that, we love her candid off-screen vibe too. And, for all food lovers, this actress is quite relatable. Why so? That’s because she often serves us with snippets of her own food indulgences. And, we get a glimpse of her candidness in her food posts too.  Recently, Anushka Sharma seems to have sweet cravings. And we know how difficult it is to satisfy the sweet tooth, once it gets exciting. But unlike us, Anushka Sharma found just the perfect dish to indulge in. She shared a photo of the dish on Instagram Stories. What we see is a delectable slice of cake. The photo reveals the creamy layers of the cake and the hard chocolate crust on top. A spoon smeared with cream lies beside the cake, suggesting that the actress has already indulged in some bites of this dessert. Want to know what she wrote about this dish? 

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She captioned the photo, “When you eat something and you already know you’ll be dreaming about wanting to eat this again.”


Anushka Sharma loves to indulge in delicious cakes and there’s enough proof for that. Diving into a plate of cake slices isn’t something new for her. A photo that she shared on Instagram Stories showed a plate on which we see cakes of different kinds. One has cream between its layers. A few are decorated with yellow cream on top. We can spot a piece decorated in a rosette style while the other reveals a wavy pattern. Wait, there is more. A white chocolate layer pastry decorated with chocolate sauce. Two small slices of plain chocolate cakes are kept on the side. 

How much sweet is too much sweet? For Anushka Sharma, nothing can be compared to this exotic berries-loaded cake

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 It’s Just Anushka Sharma “Dreaming” About This Food

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