Made In Just Launched Two Game-Changing Tools That’ll Take Your Grilling to the Next Level

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Made In has just launched two amazing new products ideal for any griller — and you don’t actually need a grill to use them! The Made In Carbon Steel Griddle and the Made In Grill Press both showcase what this brand does best: Bring restaurant-quality cookware directly to your kitchen. Cook burgers, salmon, pancakes, eggs, paninis, and more to perfection with these intentionally-designed products, whether over the fire or on your stovetop.

If we’ve learned anything from Made In in the past, it’s that their carbon steel construction can’t be beat. Their signature Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan is one of our favorite skillets because of its incredible quality. Carbon steel is used by professional chefs for many good reasons. It’s lightweight, becomes naturally nonstick over time, and can withstand extremely high heat, just to name a few. This is why Made In’s Carbon Steel Griddle is such a genius invention — you can actually use it directly on your grill or over a fire because it can handle up to a whopping 1200°F.

Much like an electric griddle, the large flat surface on this Made In griddle is ideal for cooking large breakfasts of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and more or pressed sandwiches for lunch. But unlike an electric griddle, it sits over two burners on your stove to reach even higher temperatures and features sloped sides to contain liquids and prevent mess. 

As mentioned, you can also use this griddle outdoors to cook steaks, burgers, shrimp, salmon, veggies, and more directly on your grill or over a campfire. You’ll have more temperature control while cooking with this because your food won’t be directly on the open flame, but instead on this surface that will still retain the high heat you’re looking for. Think of it as the ultimate summer multitasker that you can use indoors, in your backyard, or even on the road while camping. And because of its pre-seasoned and naturally nonstick surface, you won’t be scrubbing grill grates afterwards.

In addition to the griddle, the Made In Grill Press will also elevate your cooking by pressing down on burgers and sandwiches to ensure even heating. This stainless steel tool will allow for a delicious crust by making sure food is in full contact with the hot surface, whether you’re searing steaks or making grilled cheese. Similar to the griddle, it’s a tool that you’ll use all year, whether indoors or outside on the grill. It also features a leather handle cover to keep your hand safe, and its lightweight design makes it easy to add to your bag if you plan on doing some campfire cooking.

And, as an added bonus, you can get both for a deal when you bundle with the Griddle and Press Set. Whether you’re looking for grilling gifts or picking up something for your own outdoor setup, we think these new Made In grilling tools can’t be missed.

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Made In Just Launched Two Game-Changing Tools That’ll Take Your Grilling to the Next Level

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