Man Names Food Stall After Sonu Sood; Actor Replies With Adorable Tweet

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Sonu Sood has turned into a national icon in the last two years. Especially with all his philanthropic activities, the actor has gained immense love and appreciation from people from different walks of life. While some showed their appreciation and good wishes (for Sonu Sood) on social media, some go the extra mile with their gestures. We recently came across one such news, where a man in Delhi opened a street food stall and named it after actor Sonu Sood. An individual named Aradhana Rathore took to Twitter to share a video of the stall named “Sonu Sood Ji Chur Chur Naan”. She wrote alongside (in Hindi), “@Sonu Sood, the reality of your help is very much visible near our apartment in East Delhi. It feels good to see the small business doing so well. Glad to see this small business of this person is doing well. Your help has helped him with employment.”

Sonu Sood took no time to reply back to the heart-warming tweet. He retweeted the post on his wall and wrote alongside (in Hindi), “Please tell him (the seller) to treat me with some chur chur naan someday.” Find the tweet below:

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The post, in no time, garnered huge appreciation from people on Twitter. “Sonu Sood – the modern-day superhero,” read a comment. Another person wrote, “Sir, please come to Ayodhya. Will treat you with desi ghee ladoo (Sir aap Ayodhya aaiye. Aapko Hanuman Gandhi ka desi ghee ka laddu khilata hu. Maza aa jayega).” A third comment read, “Sir, I wish for you a happy long life to see more smiles on other faces.”

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Man Names Food Stall After Sonu Sood; Actor Replies With Adorable Tweet

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