“Matthi And Chai” – Guru Randhawa’s Desi Snack Session At A Dhaba

We are surrounded by all kinds of foods from different cuisines of the world but the comfort that desi foods offer can never run its course. If we talk about tea-time snacks, many of us would still pick up a pakoda or matthi over a fancy-looking cookie. If you too prefer the same old traditional Indian snacks, then you’ve found your match in Guru Randhawa. The popular Punjabi singer always makes an effort to stick to his roots through typical Punjabi food. He once shared his love for pakode as the ideal snack to go with his tea. And now we saw him savouring a crispy matthi paired with his chai – in typical dhaba style. 

Guru Randhawa shared a video on Instagram Stories in which he can be seen biting into a matthi. He pans the pans the camera to a table with a small paper cup holding the tea. Next to tea, there is a plastic container full of matthis. Randhawa says, “Matthi and chai.” He seems to be sitting in a rustic dhaba, enjoying his evening tea session.  

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Seeing Guru Randhawa eating matthi at a dhaba reminds us of the time he ate a hefty Indian meal on a ‘manji’ – a traditional woven bed that used to be a common sight decades ago in Punjabi households. 

While ‘manjis’ may be a thing of past, matthi still rules kitchen cabinets of Punjabi homes. The disc-shaped fried snack made with the combination of maida and sooji, seasoned with salt and ajwain, complements the sweet flavours of chai. One can even pair it with achaar or chutney.  

All this talk of matthi has left us craving for it. And we have the perfect recipe to make matthi in flat ten minutes. Click here to see how you can make the classic matthi instantly.  

Here are some more recipes of desi Indian snacks that can make evening tea-time comforting and more enjoyable.  

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“Matthi And Chai” – Guru Randhawa’s Desi Snack Session At A Dhaba

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