Mira Kapoor Enjoys This Indian Meal After “5 Long Days”, Shares Photo

Bollywood is full of foodies. And, we love to see our favourite celebrities falling in love with different types of food. Apart from their charming personalities, it is their love for food that makes them super relatable to fans. Actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife and social media sensation Mira Kapoor, too, is a foodie we can totally relate to. She loves to indulge in foods from different cultural backgrounds. But at the end of the day, she comes back to the food of India. Indian cuisine holds a special place in every Indian foodie’s heart.

Mira Kapoor’s love for Indian cuisine was revealed through her update on Instagram Stories. She shared a photo of a delicious table spread. The photo included delectable Indian dishes.

We see a mouth-watering preparation of paneer served with herbs on top. Alongside this dish, we see a spicy preparation of cauliflower cooked with tomatoes and garnished with herbs. We also see a bowl of curd garnished with green chutney and red chilli powder sprinkled on top. The caption read, “After 5 long days. Yes.”


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Mira Kapoor is a true-blue food lover and there are no two ways about it. And, she nonchalantly confesses her food choices on social media. So, when she complained about no “Delhiwale” momos in Mumbai, we weren’t surprised. If you have explored both the cities, you’ll know this popular street food of Delhi is yet to be popular in Mumbai. In a video, Mira Kapoor said, “There are no momos in Mumbai. It is still not settled with me.”

Mira Kapoor went on a Chinese food indulgence recently, and also called it “heaven.” She posted the photos of the mouth-watering dishes on Instagram Stories. The photo collage included a tray of steamed vegetable wraps stuffed with finely chopped carrots and greens. We also saw a plate of what looked like crispy fried Manchurian balls, which were served with a dollop of cream topped with coriander leaves. A plate also included two scoops of vanilla ice cream. The caption read, “Royal China is heaven.”

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Mira Kapoor Enjoys This Indian Meal After “5 Long Days”, Shares Photo

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