Monsoon Special: This Chinese Bhel Recipe Will Amp Up Rainy Evenings

The blazing heat has finally settled, and the dark clouds have taken over the skies. The mildly cold winds and the earthy smell from the rains feel like absolute heaven. And when this amazing weather is paired with some lip-smacking snacks, nothing feels better than it. While most of us are used to making the classic chai pakoda combination in monsoon, how about leaving this aside and indulging in some delicious Indo-Chinese?! Now we don’t mean the regular chilli potato or chilli chicken kind of recipes; here, we bring you the classic street food recipe of Chinese bhel! Chinese bhel has long been our favourite. Although this recipe is most popular in Mumbai, one can easily find this spicy delicacy on the streets of India.

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The Chinese bhel is a mix of crispy noodles, finely cut vegetables like cabbage, carrots, onions, and more. It is mixed with yummy sauces and spices to give a delightful snack. This street food has a fiery taste, and that’s why people also add a hint of mayonnaise to it to balance the flavours. However, we suggest you try out the spicy version of it only. If you wish to, you can also pair it with a cup of tea and relish it.


Chinese Bhel Recipe: Here’s How To Make Chinese Bhel

Take some noodles and fry them in a pan using oil. Cut all the vegetables like cabbage, carrot, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, yellow pepper, onion, and tomato in julienne style. Put noodles and vegetables together and add the chilli paste and spice. In the mixture, pour some salt, vinegar, and soya sauce. Mix well, and now it is ready to serve!

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For the full recipe of this yummy Chinese bhel, click here.

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Try out this fantastic Indo-Chinese recipe this monsoon season, and let us know how it turned out for you.

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Monsoon Special: This Chinese Bhel Recipe Will Amp Up Rainy Evenings

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