Nothing To See Here, Just Sara Ali Khan Choosing Good Food Over Abs

We can expect Sara Ali Khan to unleash her foodie instincts anytime during the week. The actress was recently seen at a get-together with her friends. And it looks like she had quite a blast with her girl gang. Now, she has shared a photo that is spoiling us and leaving us craving delicious midweek food. The actress has announced that she is ready to lose her abs over this good food. What’s her latest Instagram update about? Adding to her food diaries, Sara posted a photo collage where we see an assortment of drool-worthy dishes. We find a photo of what looks like a cheesy pizza topped with fried or roasted mushrooms and onions. There is a dessert too and it is loaded with bananas. Below this photo, we see a bowl of yummy tiramisu and a bowl of frozen dessert sprinkled with dry fruits and nuts. We are already drooling. Sara captioned it, “Bye bye abs. See you tomorrow flabs.”  

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Sara Ali Khan was seen happily diving into homemade food with her friends this week. Her photo showed her sitting around a dining table with her girl gang. Her caption clarified that she was up for some “Ghar Ka Khana.” She also wrote, “Time to eat.” Even if the photo did not feature any food and the plates were empty, we know that Sara was totally excited about the meal.

During parties, get-togethers and travels, Sara Ali Khan is often seen indulging in delicious food. From trying out exotic dishes to enjoying Indian street food, this actress is proficient in relishing food from a range of cuisines. And, she enjoys her cheat days free of guilt. So when she indulged in delicious croissants, drizzled with honey and chocolate, we weren’t really surprised. Of course, Sara loves indulgent food and this is proof of her liking.

Since we are talking about indulgence, we need to definitely talk about Sara Ali Khan’s food trip after being at the IIFA Awards in Dubai. After the award show, the actress was seen indulging in a classic New York cheesecake. Believe us, it looked delicious. The cake was served with berry sauce by the side, which made the dish even more impressive.

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Nothing To See Here, Just Sara Ali Khan Choosing Good Food Over Abs

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