Paneer Chowmein: This Weekend, Treat Yourself With This Yummy Indo-Chinese Recipe

The weekend has begun, and it’s time to indulge in all your favourite foods! Be it the classic Indian rich gravies or the famous chaat pakoris, the weekend calls for enjoying as much food as you want to. However, if you want something different, how about making some Indo-Chinese?! We all have been relishing the classic Indo-Chinese flavours since the beginning of time. We absolutely love to relish that sauce taste tossed in crisp vegetables. But, if you are in no mood to create a mess in the kitchen, we suggest you keep things simple and make some yummy paneer chowmein!

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Chowmein is our own version of Asian Hakka noodles. Paneer chowmein is greasy, spicy, and incredibly flavorful, and it has a separate fan following of its own. So much so that this street-style chowmein can now be found in several nooks and corners of our country. That’s not all, though. Many of us prepare it at home as well. But, let’s be honest, obtaining the correct chowmein texture isn’t as simple as it appears. In reality, most of us overcook the dish, resulting in a soggy mess. So, if you want to prevent that from happening and make a delicious dish- here we bring you the perfect recipe for paneer chowmein. Check out it below:

Paneer Chowmein Recipe: Here’s How To Make Paneer Chowmein

Take water in a pan, add salt followed by olive oil and bring to a boil. Add noodles and cook. Once done, drain immediately and cool under running water.

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Now, heat some oil in a heavy bottom pan and stir-fry garlic, ginger garlic paste, and onions over high heat till onions are golden brown. Now add the paneer and let it be slightly brown. Add celery and mushrooms, followed by red and green capsicum along with the carrot. Stir well. Now add salt, black pepper powder, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, soy sauce, and vinegar to the veggie mixture. Throw the noodles into this and stir well till it is thoroughly mixed. Garnish with spring onions and serve!

For the full recipe of this yummy chowmein, click here!

Make this delightful recipe over the weekend and enjoy a delicious meal. Let us know how it turned out for you.

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Paneer Chowmein: This Weekend, Treat Yourself With This Yummy Indo-Chinese Recipe

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