Planning A Summer Break? Carry These Relishing Snacks While Travelling

The fun days of summer break are close on our heels. We are finally ready to pack our bags, bash out the excitement and thrill of leaving all care behind, and jump out of the daily monotony. A super long trip or an impromptu sprint to the hills, whether travelling by land, air, or sea, the fun part is always constant – snacking! On a holiday, one relishes the liberty to eat and binge to one’s heart’s content. This year’s travel and summer vacation plans may have one added pain point – health caution and consciousness. Who wishes to play a spoilsport with holiday plans? None. To be guilt-free and stress-free during the holiday is all one wishes for.

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To figure out the combination that won’t upset the gut on the trip is a task in itself. There are exciting snacks to pack, ensuring that the weighing scale doesn’t break at home. When you’re on a trip, having food packed in your sac can help you save money and mood when hunger strikes. If you are a fitness enthusiast striving to live a healthy lifestyle, you are probably aware of how difficult it can be while on vacation. A trip to any nook of the world would require you to forego that diet you’ve maintained. To have a way to pack tasty and healthy food while travelling, to keep the greasy food and oily snacks at bay, is something we’ve got you covered with. So, here are some fun hacks and indulgent snacks to pack while travelling which shall satisfy your cravings too.

1. Ready To Eat Sweet Corn

While travelling, there might be a situation where you can’t find preferable food options. For such scenarios carrying snacks that are filling and delicious is a must. The ready-to-eat sweet corn is the perfect choice as it comes in a retort packaging that retains moisture and keeps the corn fresh even without refrigeration, and caters to different taste preferences.


2. Energy Bars

Energy bars are the most convenient source of nutrition. They keep you charged while you feel fatigued during your travel. These bars are loaded with rich nutrient extracts – like brown rice, millets, rolled oats, honey, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, whole grain rolled oats etc. and taste delicious. Many of them are free from artificial sweeteners, sugar etc. These bars will even help you stick to your weight management goals by satisfying your hunger and preventing you from eating unhealthy stuff.

3. Popcorn

You cannot go wrong with everyone’s favourite, popcorn. Movie munching while travelling on a packet of popcorn and reminiscing old days, could it get even better? It might come as a surprise, but they are not unhealthy. They are high in fibre content and low in calories.

4. Dry Fruits

The health benefits of dry fruits are no secret. But what makes it a perfect snack for travel is that they are easy to carry and keep you full while travelling. They are the energy boosters that are an apt fix for people who don’t consume dry fruits in their daily routine. They are a rich source of indulgence.


5. Foxnuts

While travelling for most means gorging on yummy snacks. But if you are looking for healthy options, Foxnuts or makhana is your saviour, as one can now find them in unique and delightful flavours. These delicious yet high in protein snack contains long-term health benefits, such as aiding in anti-ageing and curbing inflammation. Foxnuts are also a rich snacking option for people avoiding gluten. A tummy-filling, easy-to-store, nutritious snack for people who prefer light snacking while travelling.

6. Trail Mix

Having a large quantity of one item can get boring. Trail mix kicks the mundane dry fruits out of the cart and offers all the nutrition in one pack. A good packet of trail mix has a combination of granola, dried fruit, prunes and candies. The nutrition content is taken good care of and there’s no loss of fibre or taste. This mix of goodness gets its name because it is specially made to take on trips and hikes and re-energize the body.

So don’t forget to pin these tasty yet healthy snacks to your shopping list for your next trip!

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Planning A Summer Break? Carry These Relishing Snacks While Travelling

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