Stanley Tucci Told Us What His Favorite Summer Drink Is — And No, It’s Definitely Not a Negroni

Whether you were introduced to him through his earlier films like Beethoven and The Pelican Brief or fell in love with his character in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada, there’s no denying Stanley Tucci’s impact on pop culture. While he has left generations of film enthusiasts constantly in praise and his well-deserved accolades span across decades, Tucci — who will also star in this year’s upcoming Whitney Houston biographical film, I Wanna Dance with Somebody — has never been hush on celebrating his Italian heritage. So, when his ongoing partnership with S. Pellegrino was announced earlier this year, it came as no surprise to true fans.

As the actor — who has also released a string of cookbooks over the years and most recently a memoir — is two seasons deep into his Emmy-winning CNN show, Searching for Italy, the collaboration with S. Pellegrino just seems to fit better than that size eight and a half pump Nigel served up to Andrea.

Thankfully, the collaboration isn’t just about Tucci encouraging you to take a tasty sip of the country through the brand; it also wants you to spend the summer like an Italian, too. And, in a new interview with Kitchn’s News & Culture editor, he gave us the deets on everything that consists of. Tucci even dished on what his favorite summer drink is, gave us a peek into his life on set while shooting the show, what authentic Italian dishes to make at home, and more.

Check out the full interview below!

Ni’Kesia Pannell

News & Culture Editor

Ni’Kesia Pannell is the News & Culture Editor at Kitchn. Known as a self-proclaimed Slurpee connoisseur and the Queen of Nostalgic Things, Ni’Kesia spends her spare time running her all-natural beverage business — Peach State Drinks — and binging all the old shows you can name.

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Stanley Tucci Told Us What His Favorite Summer Drink Is — And No, It’s Definitely Not a Negroni

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