Tara Sutaria’s ‘Pleasant’ Meal Will Make You Crave This Comforting Combo; See Pic

Sandwich and fries are undoubtedly a match made in heaven. It’s like the world’s two most simple things coming together to make for an indulgent meal. You can make a sandwich with any filling and just deep fry the potatoes till a crisp. Do you know who was recently seen enjoying this delicious combination?! Tara Sutaria! Tara Sutaria might just be the most relatable foodie on the internet. She loves having all kinds of food just as much as we do. Because of this shared passion for food, her admirers adore her even more. Every time she enjoys any of her favourite meals, she makes it a point to share about the same with her fans and followers. The actress recently made her Instagram followers salivate by sharing a photo of her delectable meal!

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Taking to Instagram, ‘The student of the year 2’ actress shared a snapshot of sandwiches and fries. The sandwich seems to be stuffed with crisp bacon. In the story, she also wrote, “Dolce far niente,” which translates to pleasant idleness. Check out her story here:


Doesn’t her meal look super scrumptious? If you wish you could dig into a platter just like that, we have the recipe you need! Here we bring you a recipe for a BLT sandwich with some crisp fries. Check out the recipe below:

Here’s How To Make BLT Sandwich With Fries

Cook the bacon in a large, deep skillet over medium-high heat until evenly browned, about 10 minutes. Drain the bacon slices on a paper towel-lined plate. Arrange the cooked bacon, lettuce, and tomato slices on one slice of bread. Spread one side of the remaining bread slice with the mayonnaise. Bring the two pieces together to make a sandwich.

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For the fries, slice the potatoes and boil them. Drain the water and put the potatoes on a tissue or dry cloth. Heat the oil till you can see tiny bubbles on the side. Now add the potatoes to fry. Lift the potatoes out of the oil, sprinkle with salt, and serve.

Find the full recipe for BLT sandwiches and fries here.

Try out this fantastic sandwich and fries combination and let us know how you liked its taste!

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Tara Sutaria’s ‘Pleasant’ Meal Will Make You Crave This Comforting Combo; See Pic

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