The $15 Freezer Find That’s Keeping My Drinks Ice-Cold on Scorching-Hot Days

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As an apartment dweller with air conditioning only in my bedroom, I’m always looking for ways to cool down in the summer. One major approach I’ve been using to beat the heat lately? Ice! I know that might seem obvious at first, but I’m someone who usually goes ice-less with my drinks (mostly because I forgot to fill my ice cube tray… ). However, I recently tried out the Extra Large Ice Cube Tray from editor-favorite food storage and freezer brand W&P and couldn’t believe the difference that these giant ice cubes have made in my day.

Whether or not your fridge has a built-in ice maker, these huge ice cubes will come in handy. Each tray is made from food-grade silicone with four 2.25″ cube indents. The silicone lid is blocks flavors from your freezer from seeping in while still allowing for easy removal and stacking. Also worth noting: the internal steel frame that keeps the tray sturdy while you fill the molds. You can say goodbye to worrying about it bending on you and pouring water all over the place!

Possibly the most impressive aspect of this tray, however, is how seamlessly the ice pops out. Unlike a regular ice cube tray that requires some maneuvering (like repeatedly banging it on the counter?), these cubes cleanly slide right out with zero sticking. I genuinely couldn’t believe it the first time I tried it out.

Because of their large size, each ice cube melts slowly, which means it won’t water down your drink too fast. That’s why bigger ice cubes have always been popular for scotch, cocktails, or iced coffee, but I’ve been popping one ice cube into my insulated tumbler or glass every morning. It brings down the temperature of my water and lasts much longer than a handful of regular ice cubes. I’ve become so accustomed to using this tray that I haven’t sipped anything without putting an ice cube in first, whether it’s seltzer, juice, or soda. I’m probably just looking for excuses to use it because I really do love it that much!

For $30, you get a pack of two ice cube trays in your choice of four stylish colorways. The lids make the trays stackable, so you won’t have to worry about taking up extra freezer surface space while the ice forms. And if you really want to step up your ice game, check out the Peak Starter Set that includes five different molds for any type of beverage. With summer in full swing, there’s never been a better time to make the most of your freezer.

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The $15 Freezer Find That’s Keeping My Drinks Ice-Cold on Scorching-Hot Days

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