This Achari Paratha Recipe By Chef Kunal Kapur Will Spice Up Your Day

No matter how much we indulge in pizzas and pasta, our hearts are always going to yearn for paratha. This Indian bread is exceptionally delicious and versatile. And, it is super easy to make. That’s why Indian households have taken it up with such generosity. While the simple paratha can win any heart, it’s always a good idea to add more ingredients to it in order to add flavour and cut the monotonous taste. Many of us like spicy food. Some of us love a tinge of tangy taste too. And, such a combination reminds us of our traditional pickles or achar. What if you paired the flavours of achar with the crispy texture of paratha?

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Is it possible to have a spicy and tangy version of paratha? It is perfectly possible. And, it is also easy to make. Chef Kunal Kapur’s recipe for achari paratha is our inspiration. For this recipe, you will need some basic ingredients and only a few minutes to spare in the kitchen. Are you already drooling? Let us take a look at the recipe.

Ingredients required for achari paratha:

Wheat flour







Step 1: Crush and finely chop the elements of an achar of your choice.

Step 2: Take wheat flour in a mixing bowl or plate.

Step 3: Make a pit in the flour and throw in the chopped achar.

Step 4: Add a pinch of salt.

Step 5: Pour some oil into the mix.

Step 6: Mix these ingredients to make a dough.

Step 7: Roll balls out of this dough.

Step 8: Roll out circular parathas using a rolling pin.

Step 9: Spread oil on the paratha and fold it in half. Then quarter-fold it.

Step 9: Roll out this triangular paratha.

Step 10: Fry the paratha with generous dollops of ghee.

Step 11: Serve hot with your favourite side dish.

Here is the recipe video:

This paratha can be spicy and tangy, according to the kind of achar you prefer using in the dish.

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This Achari Paratha Recipe By Chef Kunal Kapur Will Spice Up Your Day

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