This Chicken Finger Recipe Has A Delicious Surprise Of Cheese, Try It Today

If you are someone who loves to have non-vegetarian food, then nothing beats the pleasure of having a well-prepared chicken dish. If it is perfectly coated or fried or even marinated and baked – any chicken dish will make you drool! Plus, we love the versatility of this protein! Looking for a snack? Make chicken popcorn. Want something healthy? Try out a grilled chicken sandwich? Want to have a full meal? Make delicious dhaba-style chicken! Any chicken recipe will satisfy you to the core! However, if you are in no mood to make something new, how about giving a twist to your regular chicken recipe? While there are many ways to change its taste, we suggest you try making these cheesy chicken fingers!

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Chicken fingers are popular finger food that many of us love to relish. Until now, we have just dipped the chicken in a batter and fried it. So, how about you give it a twist with some cheese?! Cheese undoubtedly makes everything more delicious. And when dipped into a fiery sauce, it becomes oh-so-delicious! So, this time, whenever you feel hungry and want to have a yummy dish- try out this recipe of cheesy chicken fingers. Below is the recipe:

Cheesy Chicken Fingers: Here’s How To Make Cheesy Chicken Fingers

Place the chicken breast and beat it to get equal thickness. Cut the chicken breast into thick strips. Place chicken strips in a mixing bowl. Add salt, ginger, garlic, and green chilli paste and mix well, ensuring the marinade gets rubbed into the chicken pieces well. Keep aside to marinate for 15-20 minutes.

To make the oat crumb, blend oats to a coarse consistency. Add flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and herbs. Mix the chicken strips with this crumb. Now fry this or bake this till crisp. Take them out on a plate and top with parmesan cheese. Then serve!

Click here for the recipe for Cheesy Chicken Fingers.

Make this yummy delight and enjoy delicious cheese on crisp chicken fingers. Let us know in the comments below how you liked its taste.

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This Chicken Finger Recipe Has A Delicious Surprise Of Cheese, Try It Today

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