This Cucumber Water Tastes Like a Day at the Spa

There are few things as satisfying as an ice-cold glass of water — especially on a hot day. During the warm summer months, I find myself refilling my cup almost every hour. And although an icy glass of water is more than enough to quench my thirst, I love jazzing up my water with fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs to create a drink that’s refreshing and naturally flavored.

One of my favorite ways to flavor water is with cool, crisp cucumbers. Cucumber water, in its simplest form, is made from an infusion of sliced cucumbers in water. In this recipe, I use a few extra ingredients like ginger, lemon, and mint, along with some thoughtful techniques, to make this version extra refreshing. 

What Do Cucumbers Do in Water?

Cucumbers, similarly to celery and watermelon, contain a great amount of water. When cucumbers are sliced and added to water, the juices and excess moisture from the cucumbers release, infusing the water with cucumber flavor.

In this recipe, an English cucumber is sliced into both ribbons and rounds. While that may seem a little silly to do, there are benefits to the varying cuts beyond eye appeal. The larger exposed surface area of the ribbons speeds up the infusion, making for a more flavorful water in a shorter amount of infusion time. The smaller cucumber rounds also flavor the water (although not as quickly as the ribbons) and maintain a crispness, ensuring that they’re just as enjoyable to eat even after infusion. 

How Long Should You Leave Cucumbers in Water?

The cucumber water is ready after two hours of infusion and the cucumber water can be kept chilled for up to two days in the refrigerator. 

How Do You Make Cucumber Water?

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This Cucumber Water Tastes Like a Day at the Spa

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