This Summer, Beat The Heat With This Muskmelon Kulfi By Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

In order to find some respite from the summer heat, many of us opt for cooling and refreshing snacks. Seasonal fruits are some of the best picks in these months. But sometimes, it may get boring to simply indulge in slices of raw fruits. So, do you want to add variety to your fruity diet? Try making a blend of kulfi and muskmelon. Surprised by the suggestion? Well, you will be pleasantly surprised by the taste too. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has shared a recipe for muskmelon kulfi on his official Instagram page. And, it looks like a perfect treat for summer.

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The recipe includes very simple steps and is easy to make. It blends the refreshing flavour of muskmelon and the cooling effect of kulfi, which is a traditional Indian frozen dessert. With the goodness of dry fruits, this recipe is a delicious snack for the summer months.

How to make muskmelon kulfi?

In the video, we see an interesting way of preparing this kulfi. The steps are as follows:

Step1: Take a whole muskmelon. Cut a slice from the top.

Step 2: Scoop out the seeds of the muskmelon while keeping the fruit intact.

Step 3: Roast some cashews, almonds, pistachios and other dry fruits.

Step 4: Crush and mix them in milk to make kulfi batter.

Step 5: Pour the thickened kulfi mixture into the hollow space created inside the muskmelon.

Step 6: Cover the top of the muskmelon with the cut slice.

Step 7: Refrigerate the fruit.

Step 8: Cut the muskmelon lengthwise.

Step 9: Serve it chilled.

Take a look at the recipe video:

Muskmelon isn’t the only fruit that can be turned into a chilled treat this season. If you are a fan of popsicles, try adding a fruity punch to them. What’s better than jamun for this? Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, earlier, had shared the recipe for the same. So, make the jamun popsicles in your home and relish the fruity and tangy taste of these icy treats.

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Enjoy the summer with such experimental but delicious recipes.

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This Summer, Beat The Heat With This Muskmelon Kulfi By Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

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