Viral Video: French Man Calls Indian Bread As ‘Pamatha’, Internet Goes Awww

Indian food has slowly become a source of much interest across the globe. The humble Indian cuisine has charted a path for itself to become a part of the buzz around food. From Hollywood celebrities to renowned personalities, it is no longer a surprise to see people enjoying a hearty Indian meal. On social media too, we often find citizens from different countries and nationalities experiencing Indian curries and breads; and sharing their wonderful reactions that are a hit with desi foodies. In a recent viral video, a French man was spotted eating dal and paratha cooked by his fiancée – an Indian. He mistakenly called Paratha by the wrong name, and his adorable mistake has got the internet gushing over it.

The video was shared on Instagram Reels by @Sharumulla, a Canada-based musician. She shared the clip of her French fiancée, Arnaud Ober in which he could be seen sitting with a plate of Indian food in his lap. Sharu asked him to identify the dishes on his plate. While the French man was quick to identify the Dal, he struggled with the name of the Indian bread aka Paratha. He made a cute faux pas and called it ‘Pamatha’ instead! “Petition to call it pamatha from now on,” read the caption to the post.

Watch the full video here:

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The video has gone viral in a short span of time, receiving over 8.8 million views and 845k likes. Thousands of comments also poured into the adorable video of the cute Indo-French couple. “From now it’s pamatha>>>> don’t worry it’s just one letter,” read one comment, while another said, “He was looking so cute the last time he said dal & parantha.” A few others said that even they forgot what the bread was called, “Even I just forgot for a sec!”

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Viral Video: French Man Calls Indian Bread As ‘Pamatha’, Internet Goes Awww

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