Wait, What? Bizarre ‘Coca-Cola’ Salad Has Left Reddit Users Horrified

Eating healthy food is quite a daunting task, especially when unhealthy junk options are so easily available. We often hear experts recommending eating healthy salads made with fresh fruits and vegetables. But isn’t it so much more tempting to enjoy junk food like chips and cola? Recently, a strange salad recipe combined the best of both worlds. Wondering how? The salad was made with unhealthy ingredients much to the internet’s surprise. Called as ‘Coca-Cola’ salad, this absurd dish calls for the use of ingredients like cola and cream cheese. The photo of the recipe was shared on Reddit and it left users completely horrified. Take a look:

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The image of the ‘Coca-Cola’ salad was shared by user u/ShatterStar23 on a popular sub-Reddit that regularly features these bizarre creations. The original click was posted by Twitter user Lizzie O’Leary. “I have found an old Southern cookbook with some truly fantastic ‘salad’ recipes,” she wrote in her post.

In the strange salad recipe, there was just four ingredients used – a large bottle of cola, a packet of orange jelly, a small packet of cream cheese and half a cup of nuts. The salad was said to be enough for four people. The bizarre salad first asked for the cream cheese to be brought to room temperature. The jelly was then to be combined with the cheese. Next, cola was heated up and poured over the cheese. Nuts too were mixed in, and the salad was then refrigerated and served.

This whacky recipe for salad got Reddit users completely baffled. Several shared their reactions in the comments section. While some were left confused, others didn’t mind trying this recipe in real life.”I threw up in my mouth a little,” wrote one user while another said, “It always throws me when these dishes are called “salads.” It ought to be a dessert instead.”

Take a look at the reactions to the post:

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Wait, What? Bizarre ‘Coca-Cola’ Salad Has Left Reddit Users Horrified

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