Watch: Adorable Cat Gets To Lick A Potato Chip Once A Week; Here’s What He Does Next

Some of us have certain days of the week assigned for a particular type of food. It could be a healthy salad that you only eat on a Monday or a decadent chocolate cake that you like to indulge in every Sunday. However, most of us look forward to the weekend when it comes to treating ourselves with delicious food. But have you ever come across a cat who gets to eat what it wants on a particular day? Recently, we came across a video of an adorable pet cat who gets to lick a potato chip once a week. Guess what that day is? It’s Tuesday!

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In a video that was uploaded on Instagram by @koda_thekitten, we see the cat licking a Pringle chip for the first few seconds. In the next clip of the video, the cat is then seen playing with the lid of the Pringles can. “Today is Tuesday, which means Koda gets to lick a Pringle. The lid is now his baby” reads the text insert. “He loves Tuesdays,” says the caption of the video. Take a look at the video:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 1M views, 126K likes and several comments from cat lovers. A comment read, “Koda is so adorable I love him.”

Another person wrote, “Koda is so cute.” “Pringle Tuesdays are the best.” wrote another.  A fourth person commented, “It’s his favourite activity.”

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Watch: Adorable Cat Gets To Lick A Potato Chip Once A Week; Here’s What He Does Next

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