Watch: Adorable Girl Tries Cake For The First Time, Video Goes Viral

We all have a comfort food that we can’t do without. Whether it’s pizza or French fries, brownies or a chocolate milkshake – these are some of the common favourites that we all enjoy. Do you recall the first time you had tried any of your favourite delights? If you need to refresh your memory, this adorable video is for you. In a recent viral video, a little baby girl was spotted trying some funnel cake for the first time. Funnel cake is basically a doughnut-like sweet dish that is popular in America. Her cute expressions will make you relate to her love for the food. Watch the viral video here:

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The video was shared on Twitter by @HoodComedyEnt, where it clocked in over 2 million views since the time it was shared. The cute video of the girl trying funnel cake has also received 145k likes and 18.6k retweets, and the numbers are only increasing.

In the video, we see a little girl seated in a pram. The parents of the adorable toddler offer her a piece of the yummy funnel cake. She takes a bite, slowly chewing it and tasting the texture of the delicious dessert. Her expression soon changes to that of extreme surprise on tasting the wonderful sweet. She also does a cute little jiggle to show how much she enjoyed the sweet treat! Her parents also start laughing at seeing how much she loved the delightful cake.

The adorable video got a flurry of reactions on social media. Many people took notes from the cute girl who clearly seemed to be enjoying her food the most. Others wanted to know more about funnel cake – the dish that the girl tried.

Take a look at the reactions:

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Watch: Adorable Girl Tries Cake For The First Time, Video Goes Viral

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