Watch: Adorable Viral Video Of A Chimpanzee Feeding Fish Wins Hearts

The internet is filled with all sorts of amusing content. Be it bizarre trends, adorable baby videos or animal videos. While cat videos are the most popular ones among animal videos – this recent viral video has taken over the internet! The video features an intelligent chimpanzee feeding fish at a park, just like a human. Time and again, monkeys have proved their similarities with humans by behaving more like humans. The compassion shown by this chimpanzee has truly won our hearts. 

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The video was recently shared on Twitter by an account named, ‘Buitengebieden’, which regularly tweets funny and adorable animal videos.  In the video, we can see a chimpanzee sitting calmly near a pond in a park with some food to feed the fish.  He is serving the fish with a handful of seeds and crumbs in the water.  The fishes quickly come and eat the food and then the chimpanzee repeats the same process again. Watch the viral video here: 

Adorable, right? The viral video has garnered 1.4 million views and over 64,000 likes. The post has received hundreds of comments and has left netizens in awe of the chimpanzee’s calm and compassionate nature.  

A comment read, “I want to feed fish with him. I feel he has much to teach me about life.” Another person wrote, “What a wonderful way to occupy these wonderful animals. So like humans in every way.” 

Another person commented, “It was pleasant to watch.” “Oh yes, the fish are in good hands, there is someone to take care of them.” read another comment. 

What do you think about this heart-touching video? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Watch: Adorable Viral Video Of A Chimpanzee Feeding Fish Wins Hearts

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