Watch: Anand Mahindra Is All In Praises For This Unique Fruit Picking Tool

India is a country that is full of makeshifts. We have innovative ways to solve our problems, and this just shows how much our country is bustling with talent. Till now, you might have seen inventions like temperature control shelters so that the vegetables don’t go bad to even things as simple as kitchen hacks! We have so many innovative ways to solve every kind of problem. Recently, one such innovation has caught the attention of Anand Mahindra, and the business tycoon is all praises for it! Anand Mahindra is a frequent Twitter user. His Twitter page is full of food-related posts, some of which are educational, some are ‘just for fun’ and others of which are pure inspiration. His latest post shows a man who created a fruit picking tool.

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As he shared the video on Twitter, we could see the making of this tool. In the video, a man first takes a plastic bottle and cuts it into four equal parts from the bottom. After that, he makes tiny holes in the cuts and adds strings to them so that it becomes functional. In the end, he shows the final fruit picking tool. After sharing this video, Anand Mahindra also mentioned in the tweet, “Not an earth-shattering invention. But I’m enthusiastic because it shows a growing culture of ”tinkering.” America became a powerhouse of inventiveness because of the habit of many experimenting in their basement/garage workshops. Tinkerers can become Titans of innovation.” Check out the video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 591.3K times and has 33.6K likes. Many people have also retweeted and commented on the post. Check out some of the reactions here:

“Simple, elegant, and easy to make! A solution for every farmer! Innovations like this are very exciting for a young agri- entrepreneur like me! Wonderful to see your support @anandmahindra, sir!”

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“In a campus interview, my daughter was asked about different uses of an empty plastic bottle except filling it up. She could tell a few, but this is extraordinary. I am surely making one to pick fruits from my garden.”

“The best inventions are the most simple. And they look like they are always there! #India can become the innovation country of the world if we keep pushing and ”grabbing” in this manner!”

Many other people have also said that this invention is “awesome” and “amazing.” Some others have reacted using emojis. What do you think about this innovation? Let us know in the comments below.

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Watch: Anand Mahindra Is All In Praises For This Unique Fruit Picking Tool

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