Watch: For Her Cheat Day, Madhuri Dixit Had This Unique Dessert

From her regular social media posts, we now know that actress Madhuri Dixit is a die-hard foodie. But it’s now also clear that she has reserved a special love for chocolates. This heavy treat plays a significant role in our lives, from keeping our blood pressure in check to lifting up our mood. Madhuri Dixit, too, knows this very well. In a recent Instagram post, she shared a video of a pull-up cake dripped in a lot of chocolate. The 55-year-old dancing queen said it was her “cheat day”, so nobody is complaining.

A pull-up cake is a decadent chocolate dessert surrounded by a see-through plastic sheet. When you slowly pull up the sheet,the chocolate inside begins to spread all over.

“Cheat day, the chocolate way,” Madhuri Dixit captioned the post.

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If that video made you long for cakes, here are some recipes you can try at home this weekend.

1.Moist Eggless Chocolate Cake 

The versatile cake can be used for every occasion – whether it is a birthday or any celebration. Also, it is liked by people of all age groups.

2.Pound Cake Recipe 

Many say this cake has its origin in the UK. It gets its name because the recipe calls for one pound of all main ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla essence and butter.

3.Flourless Chocolate Cake 

It’s one of the easiest cakes to make, having only five ingredients. You can top it with flaked almonds and other dry fruits of your choice.

4.Chocolate Lava Cake

Again, this is a favourite with children. This cake is made with just five ingredients and it is ready in 40 minutes.

5.Hazelnut Cake 

This one is for all hazelnut lovers. It is also prepared relatively easily. It can be paired with evening tea or coffee.

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Watch: For Her Cheat Day, Madhuri Dixit Had This Unique Dessert

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