Watch: How To Make Cafe-Style Chilli Cheese Toast For Quick Meal

Bread toast is possibly one of the most common quick meals we can think of. Right? All you need to do is toast the bread, spread butter and eat. While this is the simplest recipe to try during the busy mornings or sudden hunger pangs, you can also go as creative as you want with it (the dish). Yes, you heard us. Bread toast actually gives us all enough room for experimentation. One of the most common variations of the humble bread toast is chilli cheese toast. Bread slices, cut into two halves and toasted with some cheese and chilli flakes on it – this simple dish spells indulgence. Already slurping? We completely relate to you.

But we have noticed the regular chilli cheese toast made at home lacks the flavour of the ones available at the cafes nearby. Ever wondered why?! Maybe, it is because of the difference in technique or ingredients. During our research, we finally came across the recipe that helped us make the perfect café-style chilli cheese toast. Hence, we thought of sharing the recipe with you. Let’s take a look.

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Chilli cheese toast is a delightful recipe you didn’t know could be made at home.

Quick And Easy Recipe | How To Make Café-Style Chilli Cheese Toast:

  1. To make chilli cheese toast, you need bread slices, grated cheese, butter, salt and chopped green chilli, chopped garlic and coriander leaves. That’s it. Always remember, it is advised to use mozzarella cheese to get the exact texture of the dish.
  2. First, add salt, green chilli, garlic, coriander leaves and butter in a bowl of grated cheese. Mix everything together.
  3. Now, toast one side of the bread slice on a pan and spread cheese mix on it. Toast it again until the cheese melts a bit.
  4. Cut the bread slices into two halves and serve. You can sprinkle some chopped black olives and jalapenos for some extra flavour.

Such an easy recipe; right? It literally takes less than 10 minutes to prepare the dish and relish. This is why, chilli cheese toast makes the perfect dish for us to enjoy during weird time cravings.

Watch the detailed recipe video of café-style chilli cheese toast in the header section.

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We suggest, try each of these delicious toast recipes and add variety to your daily meal. Bon Appetite!

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Watch: How To Make Cafe-Style Chilli Cheese Toast For Quick Meal

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