Watch: Open Coconuts At Home Easily With This Kitchen Hack (Haircare Tips Included)

Cooking with coconut can be quite the task, can’t it?! The hard shell of this fruit makes it one tough nut to crack, literally! However, thanks to the internet, all our tedious kitchen tasks have gotten a lot easier. We have found an easy hack to open the coconut as well. Now, you can prepare fresh coconut milk for your curries, coconut masks for your hair and coconut water for your skin without worrying about making a mess in the kitchen!

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How To Open A Coconut Without Making A Mess In The Kitchen

For this kitchen hack, you’ll need some tools like the hammer and screwdriver. Using the tools, poke holes in the eyes of the coconut. Through the hole, empty the coconut water from the coconut in a container. Now, using the hammer, gently tap around the coconut. A crack shall start forming around the coconut. Once the crack is complete, the coconut shall pop open.

Time for de-shelling, stick a knife in between the coconut shell and coconut meat and slid it around the circumference. Stick a spoon in between and pull the coconut meat away from the coconut shell. The coconut meat is out and ready to use.

This way, neither shall you waste coconut meat or coconut water. Easy-peasy, right?!

Watch the instruction video below:

The video was uploaded by Instagram-based blogger Armen Adamjan, also known as @creative_explained and it has over 461k views as well as 23.5k likes.

The blogger also suggests a quick coconut hair mask to prevent hair loss. He blends coconut meat, pepper and water and applies the mask to his hair. We all know that applying coconut, whether it is in the form of a mask or oil, is good for our hair, but did you know eating it is way better? Yes, you heard it right! Celebrity Nutritionist Pooja Makhija suggests “take one tsp of virgin coconut oil on an empty stomach in the morning. It can help in improving your skin and hair quality.” If you are looking for ways to incorporate coconut oil into your diet, then follow the link below:

How To Eat Coconut Oil: 4 Yummy Ways To Add It To Your Diet, Benefits and Recipes

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Watch: Open Coconuts At Home Easily With This Kitchen Hack (Haircare Tips Included)

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