Watch: US Man Bungee Jumps From 198 Ft For A Donut; Sets Record

Internet is loaded with videos of people making daring attempts and setting world records. Every now and then, we come across videos featuring people eating large amounts of food in seconds, or eating the spiciest chillies in the world. One such daring attempt recently grabbed our attention. It showcased a man jumping from a great height just for a piece of donut (or doughnut). You heard us. Guinness World Records recently uploaded a video on its official Instagram handle featuring a man named Ron Jones who bungee jumped from a height of 198 feet to dunk a donut into a cup of coffee. “Highest dunk of a doughnut (bungee jumping) 60.553 m (198 ft 8 in) by Ron Jones US,” the caption of the video reads. Take a look:

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The post further read, “A doughnut was dunked into a coffee cup measuring just 8.89 cm (3.5 in) in diameter on the US TV show Guinness World Records Unleashed in 2013.” It added, “The current record for highest bungee dunk is 73.41 m (240 ft 10 in) by Simon Berry (UK) who dunked a biscuit into a cup of tea in 2016.”

In the video, we could see the man jumping from a suspended platform. And before we could realise, he takes a plunge with a donut in hand and dunks it in a cup of coffee. The video has taken the internet by storm and garnered almost 66k likes and hundreds of comments.

“Imagine how confidently this guy dunks his donuts on usual life,” read a comment. Another person commented, “He took Dunkin Donuts to a whole another level.” A third comment read, “So glad this has been done.”

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Watch: US Man Bungee Jumps From 198 Ft For A Donut; Sets Record

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