We Asked 5 LGBTQIA+ Drink Experts to Share Their Favorite Canned Cocktails

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For me, the best cocktail is the one that’s already made — ideally by a professional, but honestly, there are a lot of truly great canned cocktails out there. And, with more vibrantly colored cans on shelves than ever, I wanted to know which ones come close to the just-crafted thing. So I asked these drink experts to share their favorites, including some refreshing nonalcoholic choices (because we like options).

Here’s what these pros reach for when they’re stocking their coolers with party staples.

1. Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic

“My favorite canned cocktail is the Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic. It’s packed with all the botanicals and flavor that you love in the classic cocktail — just a bit more convenient. This can offers balance, citrus, and bitterness with a refreshing light buzz. Tiffanie Barriere, mixologist and educator

“Since getting sick with Long COVID in March 2020, I’ve spent a lot of time seeking out nonalcoholic drinks that feel as special and celebratory as a glass of wine or classic cocktail. Although my body is (mostly) back to being able to handle alcohol again, I continue to drink Ghia’s non-alcoholic apéritif regularly. The canned spritz combines the bitter, herbal flavors of the original Ghia formula with sparkling water, yuzu, and rosemary. The resulting drink is the perfect thing to pack for apéro picnics.” Rebekah Peppler, apéritif expert and cookbook author

“My favorite canned cocktail is hands-down the Cazadores Paloma. I can drink these any time of day. They’re made with Cazadores and at roughly 6% [ABV], you can’t beat it!”  — Chris Cabrera, national LGBTQ+ ambassador for Bacardi

“I am a big fan of bright, crisp, tropical flavors and Rocket Queen from Livewire Drinks hits the spot for me. Developed by Erin Hayes, it takes the classic Tiki combination of rum, grapefruit — in this case, pomelo — and punchy cinnamon and ups the ante by adding the aromatic and nutty flavors of absinthe pandan. It’s easy drinking with a hint of effervescence, perfect for a backyard hang, trip to the beach, or to bring to any festive gathering. For any of those times I am in the mood for a rum punch-style drink, but want something that is light on the sweetness, this is my go to.” — Shannon Mustipher, author, spirits educator, and consultant

5. Casamara Club Sparkling Amaro Soft Drinks

“On the non-alcoholic side, I love Casamara Club’s leisure sodas, which come in a variety of configurations reminiscent of Italian amaro. These drinks are a year-round staple for me.” — John deBary, founder & CEO of Proteau and author

What’s your favorite canned cocktail? Tell us in the comments below.

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We Asked 5 LGBTQIA+ Drink Experts to Share Their Favorite Canned Cocktails

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