Weight Loss: 7 Low-Cal Indian Snacks To Pair With Evening Cuppa

India, as a country, has diverse cultures, traditions and tastes, but one of the things that unite the whole nation is our love for tea or ‘chai’ as we call it. Be it in the morning or right after lunch, we all just love to have chai. Chai is not just a beverage, it’s an emotion for most of us as it sets everything right. This beloved beverage is best paired with some lip-smacking snacks like samosa, bhajia, vada pav, bonda, and more. The list is never-ending, leaving us spoilt for options. However, most of these snacks are deep-fried and made up of maida. Consuming these everyday can result in weight gain and can also be hazardous for health. So, here we bring you 7 Indian Low-Cal snacks that can be eaten without any guilt. Yes, you heard us! These snacks are very light, easy to make and indulging, of course!

Here’s A List Of 7 Low Cal Indian Snacks You Must Try:

Corn Bhel (Our Recommendation)

Let’s start with our favourite one. Spicy corn bhel gives a healthy twist to bhel by adding in the goodness of corn, which is another popular snacking food that we love to gorge on. So, now is the time to move over the regular bhel and try this one out! Find the recipe here.

Aam Chana Chaat

Now you must be wondering how can chaat be low calorie? Well, yes! This aam chana chaat can satisfy your chaat cravings while adding some good health to your palate. It is truly the best of both worlds. Find the recipe here.


Roasted Chivda

Chivda is basically any Indian namkeen that is roasted or lightly fried. In fact, it is one of the preferred foods that are considered great for munching and satiating untimely hunger pangs. This particular oats chivda is made by roasting dry oats and poha together. Add chana dal, coconut pieces, peanuts and curry leaves to them. Find the complete recipe here.

Ragi Baked Chakli

Now, next up is this delicious south Indian snack. This baked chakli or murukku, made with nutritious ragi flour, is a lovely snack to enjoy with a cup of tea. Murukku is derived from a Tamil word that literally means “twisted,” referring to the shape of this savoury delicacy. Click here for the recipe.

chakli cooked in ghee is healthy

Baked Namakpara

This recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur is perfect to satiate your tea-time hunger pangs. Healthy, tasty and the perfect teatime snack, this namak para recipe with a delicious almond dip is lip-smacking and healthy to the core. Click here.


Low-Cal Roasted Chilli Makhana

Next up we bring you an easy roasted chilli makhana recipe that includes fox nuts coated with a flavourful spice-mix including chilli flakes, olive oil, jeera and salt. You may also customize the spice-mix as per your choice. Find the recipe here.

Baingan Chips

We are sure you must be thinking, how can chips be healthy? Well, if you make it out of a vegetable and bake it, it will surely be fewer calories, and you won’t have to worry much about your weight gain. Try this baingan chips recipe, click here.


Now that you know everything, ditch oil laden snacks and try these light, low-cal snacks instead! Happy Snacking!

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Weight Loss: 7 Low-Cal Indian Snacks To Pair With Evening Cuppa

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