What Goes Into The Most Expensive Dessert Worth $1,000? Guinness Reveals

There are few things in the world as delicious as dessert. Whether it’s a creamy cheesecake or a chocolatey brownie – there are so many rich and indulgent desserts out there. Those who have a sweet tooth would not be able to resist ending every meal on a sweet note. But would you ever want to try a dessert worth a thousand dollars or Rs 78 thousand approximately? The Golden Opulence Sundae is touted to be the most expensive dessert by Guinness World Records. Recently, the official handle of Guinness World Records shared a video of what goes into the making of this indulgent and expensive dessert. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram Reels by Guinness World Records. It has received over 100k views and 4.5k likes in a short span of time. The dessert was from a restaurant called ‘Serendipity 3’ in New York City.

The step-by-step assembly of the luxurious dessert was shown in the Reels video clip. First, 23-karat gold leaves were used to line a crystal goblet in which the dessert would be served. Tahitian vanilla ice cream and Madagascar Vanilla were then added to it. The expensive dessert was then topped with the most expensive dark chocolate from Italy, truffles, candied fruit from Paris and truffles. Passionfruit-flavoured caviar and a gold-coated sugar flower added the finishing touches to the dessert.

Would you want to try this expensive dessert, because we definitely would! This is not the only time Serendipity 3 has featured in Guinness World Records. Earlier, the same restaurant had also raked in the title of the World’s Most Expensive Fries, priced at a whopping two hundred dollars. Take a look:

Internet users too reacted to the expensive dessert on Instagram “Mmm very opulent,” said one user while another wrote, “I cannot imagine eating this… Honestly, I’d just get a display case for it. At least until it melted, anyway.”

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What Goes Into The Most Expensive Dessert Worth $1,000? Guinness Reveals

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